TRAVEL: Omor-Vesto

In this issue, we continue our countdown of the Cluster’s

No. 5: The Floating Sanctuary of Omor-Vesto

The Floating Sanctuary meteoroid of Omor-Vesto. The surface temple complex is visible just under the rock.

250,000 years ago, a giant asteroid was on a collision course with the planet Omor Vesto. The priests of the Karovalos Sanction facing ultimate death, devised a way to stop the asteroid mid-air and levitate it; a state in which it has remained ever since. How the priests did it, is still a mystery. Theories abound, from some sort of anti-gravitational device to power from another universe.

Over the following 5,000 years, they carved the sanctuary by hand from the center of the floating meteor, which tops out at 6 km above the surface. The lowest point of this massive rock floats just 500m above the ground with the main temple complex lying directly below. The temple complex spans an area of over 687 square kilomectrons with four towers, carved from black stone and each almost a mile tall, standing at each corner.

Back then, only the chief priest of Zurak could enter the sanctuary but today, it’s open to just about everybody thanks to NebuStar Resorts Intergalactic which purchased the property 15 solar cycles ago.

Since taking over management of the site, NebuStar has developed the entire Sanctuary into a state of the art resort. NebuStar spared no expense in updating and remodeling the facility. A giant section of the rock was removed and a multi-piece pre-built unit was installed in the open space. This pre-built unit contains all of the hotel’s rooms, restaurants, bars, and spas. It even has an ‘outdoor’ swimming pool with its own sandy beach!

After you’ve had a chance to unwind, take a guided tour of this ancient wonder. View the inner-sanctum and the monks’ meditation cells. For the truly adventurous, some of these monk’s cells have been re-created as exclusive bungalows that come with their own butler. But bring your wallet because the prices begin at 450,000 credits a night.

If that’s not your speed, just relax in the Sanctuary Lounge, also on the promenade level, which features a selection of over 4,000 beers and 8,000 liquors and liqueurs from all over the Cluster. While there, take in the beautiful views of Omor-Vesto from the 50 mectron high VistaView window.

Enjoy 4-star dining in the Temple Bistro & Bar. Opened by celebrity chef Garon 4, Temple features a Trigellian-fusion menu that’s truly out of this world. Chef Garon crafted this menu exclusively for Temple and you won’t find these dishes anywhere else. If you’d prefer something a bit more casual, the food court has food stalls specializing in cuisines from across the Cluster. They have everything –  from vegan Ga’kori to Hor’asch blood noodles, and so much more!

The Planet is within sub-light’s flight of the Berilius Hyper-gate which is serviced by a resort shuttle.

Make your plans to visit today. Call your travel agent and discover the wonder!

This special travel section is a paid promotional advertisement for NebuStar Resorts Intergalactic.